Bacon desserts, also known as sweet and savory combinations. Have gained popularity in recent years for their unique and unexpected flavor profiles.

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Bacon desserts, also known as sweet and savory combinations, have gained popularity in recent years. These recipes are easy to make. These desserts typically incorporate bacon into sweet treats which adds a savory and salty element to traditional desserts. #dessertsonadime #bacondesserts #bacon

What Makes Bacon Desserts Delicious?

While bacon is commonly associated with breakfast or savory dishes. The smoky and rich flavor of bacon complements a variety of sweet ingredients, resulting in intriguing taste experiences.

Bacon desserts offer a fusion of sweet and savory that can be an exciting adventure for your taste buds. They provide an opportunity to explore flavor combinations and surprise your palate with unexpected delights.

These desserts typically incorporate bacon into sweet treats which adds a savory and salty element to traditional desserts. The combination of sweet and salty flavors creates a delightful contrast that can be quite enticing for adventurous food enthusiasts.

Bacon desserts, also known as sweet and savory combinations, have gained popularity in recent years. These recipes are easy to make. These desserts typically incorporate bacon into sweet treats which adds a savory and salty element to traditional desserts. #dessertsonadime #bacondesserts #bacon

Bacon Desserts Recipes

Are you looking for an introduction to bacon dessert recipes? Bacon desserts offer a unique twist on traditional sweets.

By combining the savory and salty flavors of bacon with the sweetness of various ingredients. These recipes are perfect for adventurous food lovers who want to try something new and exciting.

1. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet, salty, chewy, and savory. This bacon chocolate chip cookie recipe is absolutely to die for. You can serve this as a snack, bring it on potlucks, or even as a gift! You can never go wrong with this recipe.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
It is packed with bacon pieces and lots of decadent chocolate chips. The sweet and salty combination is absolutely delicious.
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2. Candied Bacon

This candied bacon recipe is sure to give you the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Not only that, it only takes three ingredients and very simple steps to make this. So, the next time you’re craving something sweet and savory, don’t forget this recipe.

Candied Bacon
You are going to love this candied bacon recipe. It is seriously so delicious. You get perfectly caramelized bacon in each bite.
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3. Brown Sugar Bacon Chocolate Cake

Who knew bacon, chocolate, and cake would go so well together? This brown sugar bacon chocolate cake recipe is absolutely to die for. It’s a sweet, salty, and decadent dessert that’s perfect to wrap up your dinner or any family gathering. Trust us, your friends and family won’t stop asking you for this recipe.

Brown Sugar Bacon Chocolate Cake
A rich chocolate cake made with brown sugar and a little coffee. Then, the cake gets filled and topped with chocolate buttercream, but we’re taking the filling to another level and mixing in candied bacon!
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4. Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

This maple bacon cinnamon roll recipe is perfect for breakfast, snacks, or dessert. This will be an instant hit at your potlucks or family gatherings. It’s sweet and loaded with bacon which perfectly balances its flavor.

Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
This version has a maple bacon glaze and bacon chunks throughout and sprinkled on top, making them perfect for all those that love the sweet and salty goodness of the maple and bacon combo.
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5. Bacon and Pecan Topped Toffee

This bacon and pecan topped toffee is perfect for those who cannot decide if they want a sweet or savory treat. This recipe is packed with bacon, layers of rich toffee, toasted pecans, and semi-sweet chocolate.

Bacon and Pecan Topped Toffee
Bacon and Pecan Topped Toffee is made with layers of rich, buttery toffee, semi-sweet chocolate, toasted pecans, and crumbled bacon for the perfect sweet and salty treat.
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6. Candied Maple Bacon Sundae

If you love ice cream and bacon, this might be the perfect recipe for you. This candied maple bacon sundae recipe will blow your mind. Because who would ever thought that bacon in ice cream could ever be this delicious.

Bacon ice cream is delicious and easy to make.

Candied Maple Bacon Sundae
Sour Cream Vanilla Gelato with Candied Maple Bacon, sweet and spicy pecans, chocolate-dipped sea salt, and vinegar potato chips, topped with sour cream whipped cream and a bourbon caramel sauce.
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7. Bacon Beignets

This bacon beignet recipe is perfect if you’re looking for a quick and warm fluffy treat. Aside from being absolutely heavenly, it’s also very easy to prepare. It’s perfect for those late-night cravings.

Bacon Beignets
Beignets with no yeast are easy to make and these are made even more special with the addition of bacon.
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8. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Cake

Just imagine a delectable chocolate cake that’s smothered with peanut butter icing and topped with crispy bacon bits. The mixture of sweet, buttery, and savory flavors will leave everyone asking for more. That’s why if you want a dessert to impress your friends and family. You can never go wrong with this chocolate peanut butter bacon cake recipe.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Cake
You're going to love how easy this chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting is to make! It’s simple and straightforward, and it’s topped with crispy bacon!
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9. Bacon Molasses Cookies

This bacon molasses cookie recipe is a classic treat that everyone will surely love. It’s perfect for tea time, snacking, gifting, or for those late-night cravings.

Bacon Molasses Cookies
This recipe harkens back to a time when everything had a use – including bacon fat. The cookies don’t taste like bacon, but they do have a delicious, smoky note to them.
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10. Maple and Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

If you’re looking for a twist for your breakfast, then you should try this maple and bacon cinnamon rolls. It’s sweet, savory, and absolutely delectable.

Just imagine digging into some fluffy homemade dough that’s rolled up with bacon and brown sugar. You’ll be starting your morning right with this recipe.

You can even top with a salted caramel sauce.

Maple and Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
Fluffy homemade sweet dough is rolled up with brown sugar and bacon right inside, then drizzled with a sweet maple frosting and topped with even more bacon.
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11. Maple Bacon Cheesecake

If you’re tired of the usual blueberry or strawberry cheesecake, you should give this maple bacon cheesecake recipe a try. It’s sweet, cheesy, and savory at the same time. Trust us, this will surely satisfy your cravings in every bite.

Maple Bacon Cheesecake
A creamy maple cheesecake with bits of savory bacon and topped with caramel, bacon, and pecan topping.
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12. Bacon Crack

There’s only one problem you’re going to encounter when you’re going to make this bacon crack recipe. That is you should make a big batch of this. Because no one can eat just one piece of this sweet and salty treat. So watch out because everyone will surely come back for more.

Bacon Crack
No one can eat just one of these buttery, salty-sweet, and highly addictive delights. The topping comes out of the oven with a warm caramel or toffee candy topping.
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13. Chocolate-Covered Bacon

You’ve heard of chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolate-covered raisins, but have you ever tried chocolate covered bacon? This recipe is perfect for dessert, snack, or as an addition to your charcuterie board. Aside from that, it’s also very easy to make.

This chocolate bacon recipe is amazing. You can even top with sea salt.

Chocolate-Covered Bacon
Chocolate-Covered Bacon is the perfect combination of sweet, rich chocolate and salty, crispy bacon. This is a fun and easy recipe that can get the whole family involved.
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14. Bacon Caramel Apple Crisp

Who knew bacon, caramel, and apple would ever go this perfectly together? This bacon caramel apple crisp recipe is very easy to make and it’s also a fun addition to your potluck.

We love to top this apple crisp with whipped cream and
bourbon caramel sauce. This taste close to an apple pie.

Bacon Caramel Apple Crisp
This apple crisp dessert is your favorite comfort food with apples, cinnamon, and a streusel topping.
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15. Maple Bacon Monkey Bread

Take your breakfast game to the next level by making this maple bacon monkey bread. It’s sweet, salty, and surely satisfying. It’s also easy to prepare, that’s why it’s perfect for breakfast.

Maple Bacon Monkey Bread
Maple Bacon Monkey Bread is the perfect blend of breakfast flavors with crisp, salty bacon and sweet maple syrup combined over sticky pull-apart bread.
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16. Low-Carb Candied Bacon Twists

If you’re watching your carb intake but still craving some delectable treat. Then this low-carb candied bacon twist recipe is perfect for those late-night cravings. It’s very easy to prepare and low-carb means you can indulge in a slice or two without any guilt.

Low-Carb Candied Bacon Twists
The salty bacon is covered in caramelized sugar-free maple syrup. There is an undertone of heat from the red pepper flakes and chili powder that makes these twists irresistible!
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17. Maple Bacon Cookies

This rich and indulgent cookie recipe is worth every bite. It’s sweet, salty, and absolutely heavenly. That’s why if you want a twist to your cookie game. You should give this maple bacon cookie recipe a try.

This cookie is stop with a cream cheese frosting.

Maple Bacon Cookies
A delicious maple sugar cookie dough with maple cream cheese frosting and bacon on top. A sweet and salty cookie that's perfect for the holidays and Father's Day dessert.
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18. Maple Bacon Donuts

Just imagine homemade fried yeast donuts topped with maple icing and bacon bits, absolutely to-die-for, right? Well, this maple bacon donut recipe will make everyone give in to their cravings and just dig in.

The key ingredient to this bacon flavor donuts is the strips of bacon.

Maple Bacon Donuts
Homemade fried yeast donuts, topped off with a sweet maple icing and bits of salty bacon.
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19. Billionaire Bacon

This billionaire bacon recipe just proves that Snoop Dogg is not just an award-winning rapper. He’s also an amazing cook. This recipe came from this “From Crook to Cook”  cookbook. We highly suggest that you should give this smoky flavor recipe a try.

Billionaire Bacon
This easy Billionaire Bacon recipe by Snoop Dogg is spicy, sweet, and savory. It's oven baked and seasoned with a spicy brown sugar crushed red pepper mixture.
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20. Maple Bacon Fudge

A sweet and salty fudge, who can say no to that? This maple bacon fudge is a great addition to your Christmas cookie tins and to your holiday parties.

This bacon flavored fudge makes for a delicious recipe. Small pieces of bacon added to the fudge is the perfect combination.

Maple Bacon Fudge
The perfect sweet and salty treat! Maple fudge with crispy bacon and pecans. These are great in Christmas cookie tins and at holiday parties. 
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21. Bacon Dip with Maple Syrup

If you want a sweet and salty dip to round up your snack night. Then you should give this bacon dip with maple syrup a try. This dip will surely be a hit, especially to those who cannot decide if they want a sweet or salty dip.

Top this dip with cooked bacon for a sweet and savory treat. The crumbled bacon gives it so much flavor.

Bacon Dip with Maple Syrup
Easy dip recipe with real maple syrup and candied bacon. This dip comes together very easily with just a few ingredients.
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Easy Desserts with Bacon:

In conclusion, bacon desserts offer a delightful fusion of sweet and savory flavors that can elevate your culinary experience. From bacon-infused baked goods to bacon-chocolate combinations, these desserts provide a unique and unexpected twist on traditional sweets.

Whether you’re baking bacon-infused cookies, indulging in bacon-chocolate delights, or savoring a bacon-paired fruit dessert. Bacon adds a unique and memorable element to your sweet creations.

So, embrace your adventurous side, grab your apron, and get ready to experience the mouthwatering world of bacon desserts. Your taste buds will thank you for the delightful adventure!

Bacon desserts, also known as sweet and savory combinations, have gained popularity in recent years. These recipes are easy to make. These desserts typically incorporate bacon into sweet treats which adds a savory and salty element to traditional desserts. #dessertsonadime #bacondesserts #bacon
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