We have the best poke cake recipes for any occasion. Find 21 easy poke cake recipes that are easy to make and so decadent everyone will come back for more. 

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We have the best poke cake recipes for any occasion. Find 20+ poke cake recipes that are easy to make and so decadent everyone will come back for more. 

Best poke cake recipes

Whether you need to bring a dessert to the next BBQ or potluck, these are the absolute best poke cake recipes. From chocolate and caramel to lemon and pudding, there are tons of tasty options to choose from. 

We have even included holiday recipes so you can enjoy these year round. You will not be disappointed. 

These recipes are frugal and totally budget friendly. Each of the recipes are so easy and just so delicious.

The hardest part will be choosing which one to make first.

Collage photo of 4 different types of poke cake.


The ingredient list will vary based on each recipe. However, they all start with your favorite cake mix making it super easy.

Many of these recipes include sweetened condensed milk and whipped cream or whipped topping.

How to make a poke cake

  • Start by baking the cake as directed on the package.
  • Next, allow the cake to cool.
  • Then, poke holes all over the cake. Top with the filling and any topping.

Keep reading for more specific directions based on each individual recipe.

Tips for Easy Poke Cake Recipes:

  • Cover with plastic wrap and put in fridge so the flavors can blend. The cake is better the next day because all of the flavors really come together.
  • I like to push the mixture into the holes as I spread it around to make sure it is really sinking in. This gives the cake the best flavor. 
  • Make sure when poking the holes you are generous and don’t leave out any section of the cake. This is how the delicious mixtures gets into the cake so you want it all everywhere. 
  • You can use anything you prefer to poke holes but a wooden spoon works great. This is the perfect size for making the holes in the cake. 

    You want the holes large enough so the filling can easily soak in. In some recipes, the filling is thick so the larger holes are really helpful
  • Use a 9×13 pan to make poke cake recipes. I have one with a lid and it is super convenient for storing in the fridge. I also like to use the foil disposable pans for potlucks. They can just toss and go.

Try one of these easy poke cake recipes.

1. Jello Poke Cake Recipe

This is the perfect dessert for any occasion and so delicious. Anyone can make this strawberry poke cake and you only need a few easy ingredients.

Strawberry Jello Poke Cake Recipe
Strawberry Jello Poke Cake Recipe is the perfect dessert to bring to family gatherings, pot lucks, holidays and more. With just a few ingredients, this cake is super easy to make and even the kids can help.

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2. 4th of July Poke Cake 

Jazz up dessert with this fun and festive cake. With lots of red, white and blue, it will be an instant hit.

4th of July poke cake recipe
If you are looking for a patriotic and super easy dessert, this 4th of July poke cake recipe is the one to try! With only a few ingredients, it is so easy.
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3. Pineapple Poke Cake Recipe

This recipe is so moist and packed with pineapple flavor. It is light and fluffy. The topping brings it all together for a great dessert.

Pineapple Poke Cake
Pineapple Poke Cake Recipe is moist and delicious with lots of pineapple flavor in each bite. Make this decadent cake with just a few simple ingredients.
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4. Boston Cream Poke Cake Recipe

The chocolate and creamy pudding mixture make the cake so amazing.  Even better, the recipe takes literally minutes to make. It is fabulous but so simple.

boston cream poke
Boston creme poke cake recipe is so decadent and full of flavor. Make this easy cake in minutes with only a few ingredients for a delicious dessert.
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5. Cherry Poke Cake Recipe

Tons of cherry flavor make this cake so moist and delicious.  Make this easy dessert for special occasions or to enjoy during the week. Everyone will love this stunning and tasty cake.

Cherry Poke Cake recipe
Cherry poke cake recipe is so moist and delicious with a ton of cherry flavor.  Make this easy dessert! The entire family will enjoy this luscious cake.
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6. Lemon Poke Cake Recipe

If you love all things lemon, this cake recipe is a must try. It is light and refreshing for the perfect spring or summer dessert. 

Lemon Poke Cake recipe
This lemon poke cake recipe is an easy and delicious lemon dessert that is simple to make. Triple lemon poke cake is perfect for your next party.
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7. Banana Pudding Poke Cake Recipe

Banana pudding fans definitely want to try this cake. This is the easiest recipe loaded with delicious pudding, bananas and more. You will to make this tasty dessert again and again.

Banana pudding poke cake
Banana Pudding Poke Cake Recipe has everything you love about banana pudding in a delicious cake. This is the easiest pudding poke cake and so tasty.
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8. Christmas Jello Poke Cake

Red and green ordain the cake making it perfect for Christmas. Not only does this jello cake look festive but it is so delicious.

Christmas Jello Poke Cake
Christmas jello poke cake recipe only requires a few simple ingredients but the results are amazing. Not only does this cake look festive but it is tasty!
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9. Chocolate Poke Cake

Chocolate and more Chocolate. This decadent chocolate cake is definitely a chocolate lovers dream come true. The kids will go crazy over this recipe. 

Chocolate Poke Cake Recipe 
Luscious Chocolate Poke Cake Recipe is super easy but so amazing. Try this rich chocolate cake combined with decadent topping.
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10. Chocolate Turtle Cake

Caramel, chocolate and more make this turtle cake absolutely heavenly. You are going to want to make the recipe sooner rather than later. It sounds amazing.

Turtle Chocolate Poke Cake
This decadent poke cake is topped with whipped topping, salted caramel sauce, mini chocolate chips, and chopped pecans. It’s so easy to make, and a huge hit at parties!
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11. Orange Creamsicle Poke Cake

This cake sounds like a creamsicle pop in cake form. Get the easy recipe and be prepared to be amazed. Yum.

2 Ingredient Strawberry Cake Recipe
This recipe is a refreshing summer dessert. Fluffy vanilla frosting and orange flavor makes this cake taste just like the frozen treats from your childhood.
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12. Trick or Treat Poke Cake

Halloween is full of lots of black and orange and this cake fits right in. Make the festive cake for Halloween and all the kids will go crazy. The boxed cake mix is so delicious with all these add ins.

Trick or Treat Cake
Swirls of black and orange make this cake so pretty for Fall or Halloween. Make this easy poke cake for a great dessert.
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13. Unicorn Poke Cake

Unicorns are all the rage and kids just love them. Make this colorful cake for a unicorn themed party or just for fun. Either way, the cake is sure to be a hit!

Unicorn Poke Cake
This rainbow cake is stunning. Make it for a unicorn themed party or just for fun.
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14. Red Velvet Poke Cake

Red Velvet is such a classic cake and this easy version is just as amazing. Try the recipe and be prepared to have a new favorite. 

Red velvet poke cake
Red velvet poke cake is luscious and delicious. The entire recipe is so simple and starts with a cake mix. Everyone will love this!
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15. Raspberry Dream Poke Cake

This decadent cake full of raspberries and more will taste like a dream. Plus, it takes just minutes to prepare.

Red Velvet Poke Cake
This poke cake was so easy to make and can be adapted for several different flavors, you’ll definitely want to add it to your dessert recipes.
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16. Blueberry Cheesecake Poke Cake

Cheesecake lovers will enjoy this blueberry cheesecake cake recipe. It is so creamy and delicious and just bursting with tons of flavor.

Blueberry Cheesecake Poke Cake Recipe
This Blueberry Cheesecake Poke Cake is a fresh vanilla cake filled with cheesecake pudding and a sweetened blueberry sauce. Best of all, it is topped with a cream cheese whipped cream.

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17. Snickers Poke Cake 

This candy bar cake turns everything you love about Snickers into a moist and delicious cake. Your family will love the recipe.

Snickers Poke Cake
Candy bar fans will go crazy over this Snickers cake. Chocolate cake and caramel and nut topping make this so luscious.
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18. Coconut Cream Poke Cake

This moist and delicious cake has so much coconut flavor that it might be hard to eat just one slice. You will enjoy the cake recipe and how easy it is. 

Coconut Cream Poke Cake
Coconut Cream Poke Cake starts with a boxed cake mix and is covered with a creamy and sweet cream of coconut filling and a coconut topping!

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19. Milky Way Poke Cake

Milky Way candy bar fans will love this luscious cake that starts with a chocolate cake mix . Everything you love about this delicious candy bar is turned into an amazing cake recipe.

Milky Way Poke Cake
This easy Milky Way Poke Cake is a decadent dessert filled with chocolate and caramel and topped with fluffy frosting and candy bars.
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20. Cheesecake Birthday Poke Cake

Cheesecake poke cake is the perfect dessert for your birthday or just because. It looks amazing and the recipe takes just minutes.

Cheesecake Birthday Poke Cake
Combine everything you love about cheesecake and birthday cake for this amazing recipe. It will be a hit for sure.
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21. Butterfinger Poke Cake

This cake is the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy cake and a butterfinger candy bar in one amazing recipe.

Butterfinger Poke Cake
Butterfinger Poke Cake starts with a boxed marble cake mix and filled with a delicious caramel sauce and topped with caramel whipped topping.

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22. Oreo Poke Cake

If you love oreos then you are going to love this simple oreo poke cake.

Oreo Poke Cake recipe
Chocolate and Oreo lovers will go crazy over this Oreo poke cake recipe. This cake is so rich and delicious for the perfect dessert. Plus, it is so easy!
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23. Lemon Lime Poke Cake

This Lemon lime jello poke cake is a lighter version. It tastes great all year long, but it festive for St. Patrick’s Day.

Lime Jello Poke Cake
Lime jello poke cake recipe is so light and fluffy. This is the perfect dessert for St. Patrick's Day. Everyone will love lime poke cake.
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24. Caramel Chocolate Poke Cake

The caramel and chocolate combined makes the perfect poke cake. Kids and adults both beg to have this for their birthday celebration.

Chocolate caramel poke cake
Chocolate caramel poke cake will make you want to skip straight to dessert. Satisfy your sweet tooth with tons of chocolate and caramel.
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25. Strawberry Poke Cake

Strawberry Poke Cake Recipe
The best Strawberry Jello Poke Cake is effortless to make. It starts with a cake mix but results in a moist and flavor packed dessert.
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These are the best poke cake recipes.

Let us know which one you decide to try. I love hearing how things turn out for you. Make sure to come back and leave us a comment to let us know.

There are so many delicious recipes to try.

The options are endless for poke cakes and you are going to love them. Once you make one poke cake, you will be ready to try another variety. They are lots of fun to make and so tasty.

More cake recipes to try:

We have the best poke cake recipes for any occasion. Find 20+ poke cake recipes that are easy to make and so decadent everyone will come back for more. 
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